30th Anniversary Tour

The below is form Mark's email on January 3rd. Contact him for the latest news!

Well, dancers, 1986 was the first Friendly FolkDancer tour (though we weren't called the FFD yet), and that makes this the 30th anniversary! The energy to put together tours has been undependable lately, so we're unclear how far into the future this will continue, so this may (or may not) be your last chance to energize and participate in the FFD.

I'm willing to organize (would be happy to have a co-coordinator) a tour for this spring, though things have to get underway right way for that to happen. I'd like to roughly retrace the steps of that first tour in 1986, inviting our hosts to join us for the FGC gathering of July, 2016, in Minnesota, with the tour going basically between Wisconsin (Milwaukee? Eau Claire?) to Atlantic City, New Jersey, and back – but we'll go with the reality of who invites us, and it will be less intense than the first tour (we scheduled 13 programs in 8 days, plus driving about 2,500 miles for that tour). Tentatively we would gather by supper on a Thursday, and finish by Sunday mid-afternoon. The dancer fee for participants would likely be between $150-200, covering transportation, modest meals, costumes, etc. Dancers will need to get themselves to/from the starting spot (likely Wisconsin), and that cost would be in addition to the dancer fee. See the FAQs for more information

I'd be especially excited to have young energy on this tour. That first tour in 1986, I believe the majority of the dancers were Young Friends (35 or younger), and it would be great to be close to that on the 2016 tour, if possible. Forward this on to potential dancers – ASAP.

Reply immediately, and I need to know that there could be enough dancers to be part of the tour. I need to decide within 2 weeks.

Indicate no/yes/maybe for ALL the options listed, and rank your yes/maybe selections by preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc). The more options you offer, the more likely we can include you and make the tour happen.

All dates are for 2016 – a few months from now! Add your comments below, including any conditions/factors involved.

Save the last dance for me? Respond now!


Mark Helpsmeet

helpsmeet@usa.net 715-874-6646 (or 715-491-0783)  2550 Gregerson Dr, Eau Claire, WI 54703

Dates           No     Yes     Maybe     Ranking    Notes

3/24-4/3                                                                Includes Easter





4/28-5/8                                                                Last day is Mothers Day

5/5-5/15                                                                Includes Mothers Day