The Friendly FolkDancers Purpose
"Friends affirm the sacramental nature of the whole of life when it is under the leading of the Spirit." — Philadelphia Faith & Practice, 1972



Dancing in the Light is a source of tremendous joy and spiritual energy that begs to be shared.  The Friendly FolkDancers carry this energy to Meetings, churches, and schools in a way that expresses and strengthens our practice as Friends.  This practice can be seen in several areas.
• Worship and Ministry.  We seek to live as a spiritual community as we travel. Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business is held daily.  A sense of community and worship supports and centers the other aspects of our ministry.  We work toward creating a gathered Meeting throughout the program.  When the spirit leads our dance, this often secular activity becomes sacred.  By the time of the closing circle, the presence of the Spirit is strong.  The joy of dancing is also a part of our ministry.  Dancing with another person gives us the opportunity to reach each other's light and reflect it back. This is especially true when the community rises to dance with us.
• Community Building.  Throughout the program we foster an atmosphere in which everyone present feels accepted and included.  The community of dancers and the Meeting community become one, strengthening the bonds of both groups.
• Intervisitation.  Each group of Friendly FolkDancers includes participants from several Monthly Meetings.  Our visits to Meeting and churches foster community on a wider level.  They also provide opportunities for neighboring Quaker groups to join together for intervisitation.
• Intervisitation Between Wider Quaker Alliances.  Friendly FolkDancer groups seek to visit and connect Friends of all affiliations.  We try to affirm and celebrate our common Quaker heritage, as well as to learn about each other.
• Outreach.  Our program is a vehicle that local Friends can use to inform the community of their presence and to encourage new attenders.  The Quaker Quest Game provides newcomers with background information while emphasizing cooperation.  Conducting our program according to Friends' principles gently demonstrates Quaker practices.
• Peace.  We work toward creating a world community, interconnecting the world's peoples through international folk dancing.  Every time we dance a dance from another culture we are performing an act of peace.